Coronavirus Cleaning Services

Keep yourself and those around you safe from COVID-19 and Omicron with professional disinfecting services

Platinum Force Cleaning now provides disinfecting services using a magnetic sprayer. Our magnetic sprayer produces a fog and utilizes electrostatic technology to allow precise, uniform coverage of disinfectant over all types of surfaces. Magnetic sprayers can be used in homes, schools, hospitals, businesses, churches, restaurants and all other heavily trafficked establishments in southeast Michigan. We can even magnetic spray and disinfect cars and other vehicles.

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Over the past month, research has shown that businesses who use this product have seen a substantial increase in the amount of customers interested in their business. The businesses that have received our service noticed their consumers' confidence has increased immensely. With the newly clean atmosphere, customers began to arrive at their business compared to their competitors.

In addition, our company performs a live Facebook feed while completing the service. This allows for customers to be engaged and aware of the task that we are performing. Our top priority at Platinum Force Cleaning is for everyone to know that they are safe in these uncertain times.

Cleaning Products Now Available

We also provide numerous different chemicals that one may need to stay coronavirus-free for this upcoming summer. These chemicals are designed to make food service safe. These chemicals disinfect surfaces like counters and prep areas.

Serving Canton, Owosso and Southeast Michigan

With the coronavirus cleaning services Platinum Force Cleaning is providing in southwest Michigan, there is no doubt that our customers in Canton, Owosso and surrounding areas will be able to get their businesses up and running once again. We look forward to helping your business get back on its feet.

We are currently offering deals on one, two, and even three time sessions of disinfecting services. We are also offering special daily sessions depending on what the individual customer requires.

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Coronavirus cleaning in Canton and southeast Michigan
Disinfecting the inside of a first responder's vehicle via magnetic spraying


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