Disinfecting Services

Effectively eliminate germs

When cleaning our home and workspaces, it's easy to see the visible messes, but sometimes it's hard to know if we're actually getting rid of the germs that contaminate our indoor environment. Eliminating these from our surfaces reduces the risk of sickness and infection and helps to keep your family and employees less at risk. To make sure you're disinfecting effectively, give us a call and we can make sure your space is germ free.

Protect yourself from bacteria and viruses

Platinum Force Cleaning uses a special GenEon Solution that is proven to be 99.99% effective when eliminating germs. This solution is also Tuberculocidal, Bactericidal and Virucidal, and is used at health care facilities across the United States.

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Learn why it's important to disinfect and stop the spread of illness. Read the full report here.

Disinfect your house or apartment in Canton, MI

We disinfect homes and apartments in Plymouth and Canton

Especially in the months where illness is all around, we can come in and make sure your home space is safe and clean, as it should be, so your family is in good hands. Give us a call to make sure nothing gets passed around in your home.

Keep your public space germ free

Commercial disinfecting services in Plymouth/Canton

The schools and workplaces are where the majority of germs get passed around. Platinum Force Cleaning can come in and disinfect so you can focus on work and cut down on sick-day absences.

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