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Platinum Force Cleaning

Call us when you need:

  • Maid Services
  • Move-In / Move-Out Cleaning
  • Deep Cleaning / Spring Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning
  • Commercial Janitorial Services

Professional Maid and Janitorial Services in Monroe and Carleton

Sparkling Clean

How clean can the Platinum Force Cleaning team get your home or business? Sparkling clean! We can clean the biggest messes in Monroe and Monroe County. Contact us today to get un-cluttered.

Free Gift With Every Cleaning

We want to give you a FREE GIFT: the gift of time. Hire professionals to clean your home or business, and concentrate your time on more important tasks. Time is the one thing in life you cannot gain back.

Professional cleaners in Monroe MI

Platinum Force Cleaning

Disinfecting Services

We disinfect homes and business in Monroe

Ensure your environment is germ free with our thorough disinfecting services. We disinfect homes and businesses throughout Monroe and Monroe County.

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Wood Floor Scrubbing

Mopping and scrubbing for wood floors

Our top-notch wood floor cleaning services and supplies are what you need in your home. We can clean laminate flooring as well as hardwood floors.

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Post-Construction Cleaning

Cleanup for construction crews in Monroe County

Our premier post-construction clean-up services are reliable and efficient. Rest assured your home or business in Monroe will receive the best quality care.

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Cleaning for Schools & Churches

Cleaning for schools in Monroe

Without professional cleaning, schools and churches can quickly become huge, unsightly messes. With such large spaces, we know cleaning can be a daunting task. Schedule regular or one-time cleans with us to make it easier for you to keep your spaces clean!

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Monroe County Cleaning Services

Professional Maid Services

Professional house cleaning and dusting

Janitorial services

Janitors in Monroe

Free Cleaning Estimates

Free cleaning estimates in Monroe County